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To the Editor: School district needs to save money

To the Editor:

Cloquet School District is wasting taxpayers' money again. If you drive by Washington Elementary you will see a dumpster with desks and chairs filled to the top. What is wrong that these can't be used, if not at Washington, then at the new middle school? The taxpayers were surprised on their taxes with the wrong amount to build the school, which was not needed. The old middle school could have been remodeled for less. The school district just put in new windows in the old middle school which seems to have been a waste of money since the board and superintendent seemed to want a new school. If the district would have done all the repairs as they were recognized, the cost for remodeling the old school wouldn't have been as high as estimated but the board decided to ask for a new school because of the high cost to remodel.

If the school board members, etc., had repairs at their homes, would they let them go until the repairs got so bad, or repair as needed? So why didn't they do this with the old school? Let's get the board on track to try to save us money. These desks could have been reused or sold instead of tossed in the dump.

Mary Johnson