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Board, citizens need to work together to repair Wrenshall school

To the Editor:

I went to the Wrenshall School Board meeting after the referendum vote failed. We told the board that those of us who were against the referendum now pledge our support to repair, remodel and fix our school.

During the run up to the referendum vote, there was a lot said about roofs leaking, unsafe buildings, etc. What surprised me is the board has no plan in place to fix the school. When pressed about touring the facility and starting the way to fix the unsafe conditions, we were told the board was busy through May.

How can any unsafe conditions be allowed as the board said to repair the school would take another referendum. So be it, the sooner the better. Or are they hoping that they can run the $12.5 million referendum again at a later date?

In the May school paper, the superintendent wrote: "Unfortunately the district does not have the community support at the time to make the needed improvements and build the necessary expansion."

Does she think so little of us community members to write such a thing? Is this the position of the board?

Tony A. Sheda