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LETTER: Higher taxes will cause problems for some

To the Editor:

My husband and I have lived in Wrenshall for 46 years. We love the area and intended to spend our retirement years here. However, there are some things I don't understand:

1. I don't know why someone would take down our sign opposing the referendum.

2. I don't understand why people say "It's only a few dollars more a month." I guess they don't realize that some senior citizens don't have a good retirement plan and have health problems.

3. I don't understand why people say, and I quote, "made the choice to be a negligent community member." I know for a fact that there is a family who lives in the Wrenshall School District and do not get the Images newspaper because they have a Wisconsin address, even though they live in Minnesota (the mail route doesn't go to where they live).

4. I don't understand why people say those who are against the referendum don't have all the facts. They do have the facts.

I DO understand that if this referendum passes, our retirement years won't be spent in the Wrenshall area because we won't be able to afford the taxes.

Carol Anderson