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LETTER: Responsibility starts with you

To the Editor:

I have been a Wrenshall resident for the past 38 years and watched my children successfully learn, grow and graduate from the Wrenshall School District. As a community member and taxpayer, I know that it is my responsibility to keep myself informed about changes taking place at the school and in my town. For the past 11 months the school district has been working diligently and publicly on a much-needed referendum. I know it's not in my best interest to listen to rumors so I went straight to the facts. I have kept up with this accessible information through the Images newsletter that comes free to box holders on a monthly basis, by attending public meetings as dates were posted on the school and city marquees and looking up information on the Wrenshall School District website.

Those in our small community who say they have never heard of this referendum until recently made the choice to be a negligent community member. Students are taught in school that they are in charge of their learning. As adults, we are under obligation to keep ourselves informed and the fault does not lie with the school district. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. For those of you who have a disconnect, our school is an asset to this community and to all students who attend. This is why as an informed citizen I am Voting YES on April 18.

Mari Lafave, Wrenshall