Community Education Corner: We'll get through this pandemic

We know we will get through this together.

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The content of this program sharing article has changed quite dramatically in the past week.

I generally keep an ongoing list of the classes and opportunities I want to share with all of you through the generosity of the Pine Journal. Let’s agree that life has changed significantly since I started my list.

Yet again, there are many things that are the same. Community is important to us. Social distancing has proven to be challenging most likely because as human beings, we generally like to socialize with our friends, family, parents of the children our kids know, neighbors, businesses and the list goes on.

I hope we never underestimate the value of community once we come through the other side of this pandemic. Those of us working in community education are generally passion driven people who strive to create opportunities for people to connect. We live in the belief that connection is key to a strong community.

This connection is on pause for now, but we continue to look forward and plan for brighter days ahead. In Esko, we are looking forward to August with National Night Out on Tuesday, August 4, followed by Esko Fun Days straight through Saturday, August 8. We will plan to come together and celebrate our community with a medallion hunt, parade, carnival, presentation of community volunteer awards and a street dance.


We hope to meet with a full committee soon to begin the planning process. Details can be found on our Community Education page on the school website.

We will also be looking for donations to cover the costs of this week-long event, and hope our area businesses will be in a financial position to continue to support us.

If you have questions about Esko Fun Days or would like to support the events financially, please contact me at .

In Esko, we pride ourselves on our Sisu which is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience and hardiness. Sisu is held by Finns themselves to express their national character. We know we will get through this together.

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