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Community Education Corner: Tackle your New Year's Resolution with Carlton Community Education

Not only can Community Education help you achieve your personal goals, it may also be an opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable friendships as well!

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Greetings from Carlton Community Education!

Happy New Year! Do you have resolutions that you hope to achieve in 2022? Community Education programming could be key in helping you succeed at whatever your new personal goals may be! Looking to get into shape? Try a new exercise class. Want to learn a new hobby? Take a class where you create something (possibly our deco-mesh wreath class) or learn a new skill (like mushroom foraging)!

Is your goal to feel more balanced or centered? Well then yoga may help in that endeavor or sometimes gardening is the trick to peacefulness — our container gardening classes in partnership with The Green House will be upon us soon!

Do you see where this is going? Not only can Community Education help you achieve your personal goals, it may also be an opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable friendships as well!

We are always looking for new instructors to teach classes for our community members. If you or someone you know would be interested in this, please contact our office. Some ideas of future class areas could be culinary arts, baking, car maintenance, woodworking or Cricut tips and tricks. Options for possible classes are endless!


Start 2022 in a new and rewarding job. We have a couple positions to fill that need some AWESOME people ... joining our team will be the best New Year's resolution you could give yourself! A great fit for someone looking for something part-time and for those that love making an impact in a young child's life: School Readiness Classroom Aide, eight hours a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and Bulldog Kids Care Aide, approximately 20 hours a week. Days and times will vary, but can be flexible.

Please check regularly, via our Facebook page or website , to see what classes and other events are out there for you to participate in. Like our Carlton Community Education page on Facebook, find information on our webpage found through the Carlton School District website, or I always welcome phone calls and emails at 218-384-4225 x213 or .

"Community Education Corner," published weekly in the Pine Journal, features news from Community Education programs in Carlton County.

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