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Community Education Corner: Moose Lake School eagerly anticipates muralist Adam Swanson

Students and the community will have the chance to work alongside Swanson on a mural in the music department hallway at Moose Lake School.

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Our music department hallway will soon be graced by a beautiful mural depicting the various music, media, theatre and art programs offered to our students, all placed upon a backdrop featuring our local natural surroundings, which of course, include the lake.

Moose Lake Community Education’s AGE to age program, Moose Lake High School’s Art Club and art teacher, Tracy Little have collaborated to fundraise for this project.

Not only will students have the opportunity to work alongside Adam Swanson, we’ll have an evening opportunity for community members as well!

If you’re interested in the Community Painting Session on Jan. 11, from 4-7 p.m., register with Moose Lake Community Ed. The cost of this session is $20 and all proceeds will benefit the Art Club.

We can be reached at 218-485-4435 ext. 1602 or email . We’ll be posting the process on our Moose Lake Schools website, where you can also check out Community Education’s course offerings this winter and apring.


"Community Education Corner," published weekly in the Pine Journal, features news from Community Education programs in Carlton County. Vicki Radzak is the Community Education Director for Moose Lake Community School.

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Moose Lake Community Education hosted artist Adam Swanson recently.