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On Tuesday, Dec. 15, we held a Santa Wave Parade here in Barnum. This wave parade idea was from our staff member, Alyssa Entner. While growing up, her hometown did similar tradition! Santa rode on the firetruck and drove by their house. She remembers getting food ready, then running to the end of the driveway to wave to Santa and put her food donations in the fire truck, so we came up with a similar idea to have a drive-thru Santa Wave Parade!

Santa Claus rode on the Barnum Fire Truck, and we drove through town. About 45 cars lined up on the streets of Barnum and children and their families waved at Santa while he rang his bells and ho ho ho’d his way through town. Along with the Santa Wave Parade, we also held a food drive. We donated 355 pounds of food to the Moose Lake Food Shelf.

Last week, Santa also visited the Community Education Office at Barnum High School. He read “'Twas the Night before Christmas” for us to share on social media on Christmas. He then wandered around the high school sharing candy canes for staff and students to enjoy. Santa even paused for some photos!

Santa sharing candy canes with Mr. Minkkinen. (Photo courtesy of Roxy Olsen-Hurst)
Santa sharing candy canes with Mr. Minkkinen. (Photo courtesy of Roxy Olsen-Hurst)

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Our Community Education grab and go bins featuring family movie nights such as “The Santa Clause,” “Rudolph,” “The Polar Express,” “Elf,” and “The Grinch” have been going over quite well. For $15, families can borrow a bin that includes the makings for dinner, snacks, crafts, and other family fun activities! There are some perishable food items the family needs to purchase, as well. We will have a new set of grab and go bins ready to go in January as well!

I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As always, thank you for supporting Community Education Programs!

Roxy Olsen-Hurst, Barnum Community Education director, rolsen@isd91.org, 218-389-0108.

"Community Education Corner," published weekly in the Pine Journal, features news from Community Education programs in Carlton County.