It has been an historic time these past couple of months!

Many of our programs have been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I personally know people who currently are infected with the virus and died from it. While many people, fortunately, have no or very mild symptoms, it is devastating for others.

I want to recognize all the workers who have stayed with our child- and school-aged programs during this time. This vital service allows medical workers, law enforcement, correctional facility and other emergency workers to continue to do their jobs. The early months were the most uncertain. As we learn more about the virus and how to safeguard against its spread, we are able to begin modestly expanding our care programs.

We are also able to begin with small classes, such as private swim lessons and small group exercise.

Thanks to technology, we are also adding some exciting classes using Zoom. Be sure to check out them out and give one a try.

At Community Education, our mission is to serve all ages in our community and encourage connections. A public health event serves as a reminder that we are all dependent upon each other, and each generation has an important role.

As we cautiously move forward, this is a great time for us explore innovative ways to stay connected and serve all members of our community.

Stay safe. Stay respectful.

"Community Education Corner," published weekly in the Pine Journal, features news from Community Education programs in Carlton County.