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Jamie Lund: Slow down and enjoy the season

Jamie Lund

The holiday season is often filled with stress, expectations and plenty of shopping on top of the usual everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Remember to stop and enjoy the small moments.

Random acts of kindness are a gift that keeps on giving and can be done all year-round.

Handing out candy canes to a favorite cashier is a simple way to put a smile on their face.

Encourage the kids to help an elderly neighbor shovel their sidewalk or even just say hello.

A single parent may be struggling and need assistance getting a child to games or practices. An offer of help is usually appreciated.

Or simply cleaning the snow off of your significant other's vehicle is an easy way to make their day better.

Pause from your hectic day and see the sunset or watch snowflakes swirl and twirl as they drift slowly to the ground.

Listen to your children laugh or even argue. They are amazing little people and they will be gone before you know it.

So take the time and enjoy the simple things this holiday season.