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Erickson: Meet the Pine Journal's new reporter

Andee Erickson

One of the best things about being an introverted, and sometimes shy, journalist with reticent curiosity and a vested interest in the lives of others is being forced to speak up and reach out to learn the ways of the world. Then share the story.

The latter is what drew me to journalism: writing words and telling stories. It's what has brought me to this, reporting for you, Carlton County.

Hey, there. My name is Andee Erickson and I'm your newest reporter at the Pine Journal.

I come to you from Eau Claire, Wis., where I lived the last four years while studying journalism and geography at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Before that, I spent my entire youth in Waseca, a small town of about 9,000 people in southern Minnesota where my parents still live.

I found my way to journalism my second year of college when I started writing for the campus paper, covering student senate meetings every Monday night and staying up way too late to meet the next day's deadline, while trying not to neglect my homework.

Between those early days as a student journalist and now, I am grateful to have been seasoned with a handful of other journalism experiences in many different places, which I will save from listing here because my season of resume sharing ended when I accepted this job. But you are, of course, welcome to ask if and when we cross paths.

It is only fair to allow you, the people of Carlton County, whom I will have many questions for in the days to come, a chance for an inquiry or two.

But who am I outside this thing I do for work? How do I spend my time? With those dear to me, of course, and their dogs, but also with the characters in the stories I read. Lately, the works of our living authors have left me stunned.

I like to hike along area rivers and into the woods. I like to wake up before the sun and catch glimpses of the colors bleeding into the sky while I move around the kitchen.

In the evenings, I might write creatively, or, at the very least, scribble thoughts and doodles into a journal. I like to listen to podcasts or the news hours on the radio. There's something so soothing about listening to people talk.

I try to go about my life in such a way where I keep the amount of resources used and waste produced to a minimum.

I like to lend a hand, or an ear. So please, don't ever hesitate to reach out.

Maybe you think something needs to be shared and brought to light, or an issue needs to be explored, or maybe somebody's just doing a cool thing we should all know about. Whatever it is, you can reach me at or 218-879-1950 ext. 5.

Andee Erickson

Andee Erickson has been a reporter with the Pine Journal since November 2018. She studied journalism and geography at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, while working at the Leader-Telegram newspaper on weekends. She graduated in 2018. Erickson's from southern Minnesota, but started viewing the north as home after interning for the Duluth News Tribune in the summer of 2017.