Attitude is contagious


This past week, as I've made my way into the office each morning, I've noticed the first signs of cool autumn air.

Personally, I love this time of year in northern Minnesota. We get to look forward to the changing of leaves and beautiful fall colors. Our student athletes return to begin practice and we prepare to welcome back our staff and students.

I once had a coach who would tell us, "Attitude is contagious!" He would routinely start practice with a sense of excitement and encouragement. He would cheer for every positive action, large or small, in practice or a game. Regardless of whether you were a starter for the team or a role player, everyone was a recipient of his positive energy.

As far as sports seasons go, we had a decent year. We won a couple more games than we lost, but it wasn't particularly notable. Yet, I still remember that season fondly.

It's because our coach was right. Attitude is contagious, and it can be downright infectious. His positive attitude and high energy spread throughout the team and made it a great year, regardless of wins and losses.

When I was considering applying to become your next superintendent, I asked people with knowledge of Cloquet and its schools to tell me what they knew. Every person I asked spoke passionately about the strong sense of community, excellent support for schools and the great work of the school staff in caring for students. It didn't matter how many people I asked. I consistently heard positive praise for the community and the school system.

It became apparent quickly that attitude is contagious and, in Cloquet, it's a strong attitude of support and kindness.

I am excited to be your next superintendent. I am excited to carry on, and be a part of, the strong tradition that has been fostered in this community. I hope you're excited to see what your schools provide the community, whether you have students in your home or take advantage of the many other services we provide. We exist to serve our community and look forward to providing you with positive support and kind service during the coming year.

Attitude is contagious! I hope that you will find your coming year filled with an attitude of kindness, encouragement and positive support.