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Wright-Cromwell News: Aug 9 2018

Ann Heikkila has asked me to put Wes Heikkila's address in the news so folks can send him a card of encouragement or even take the time to drive to the Minnesota Veterans Home in Silver Bay. Send cards to Earl Wes Heikkila, 56 Outer Drive, Silver Bay, MN 55614.

Here is some more information I received from Elaine Crouch on the Violet Cemetery just northeast of Wright on East Mud Lake Road:

The Violets, James O. and Angeline Trepanier, lived there in the 1890s. They had three children who died in 1897, so were likely buried there.

When James O. Violet died from the skull fracture in 1911, they were living in Cromwell, but would likely have buried him with the children.

The same with their daughter-in-law, Helen, and grandson, James, who was actually a few years younger than Elaine's dad, Albert Peterson. Also, there were two younger boys in the family. Albert, Helen's husband, moved to Illinois with the young boys and remarried.

Farmer's Co-op Store in Wright will hold its 99th annual meeting Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 6:30 p.m. at the Wright Senior Citizens building to elect directors. Any other business legally presented will be considered. There are two open seats on the board. It's the Catholic church's turn to serve lunch.

Upcoming events

• Tuesday, Aug. 14 — YOT, noon, Cromwell Park Pavilion.

• Aug. 16-19 — Carlton County Fair, Barnum Fairgrounds.

• Aug. 23 — Senior dance with Florian Chmielewski, 1-4 p.m., Cromwell Park Pavilion.

• Aug. 25 — Railroads in the 1918 fire talk by Tim Schandel, 1 p.m., Carlton County Historical Society, Cloquet.

That's all the news from "The Edge of Wright!"