To the good people of Wrenshall,

I grew up as a teen in Wrenshall and because of a broken family life as a child, I fell into hopelessness and despair. At 14 years of age, I was already contemplating suicide. I have spent a lifetime in the darkness of hopelessness and despair and have finally been relieved of it at 60 years of age.

I am saddened deeply when working with our teens at our church youth group. I hear stories of broken families and it staggers my heart to see how many of our young people have already fallen into that same hopelessness, and the amount of them that have been put onto antidepressants, which I myself have spent a lifetime on, and have been relieved of recently before God.

I know that it didn't have to be a lifetime for me and I live in the hope that it doesn't have to be that way for them, our young people.

I know that we need to give them every ray of hope that we can and taking care of our school just might send a message to them that they are loved and cared about by their elders. I know that the little things, the little messages we send them, can and will change lives.

Let us all band together and send them a message of God's loving light so we can relieve the hopelessness and despair that if we all looked we can see and feel all around us.

God's love and peace to you all,

Donald C. Johnson