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Cloquet, Carlton to discuss consolidation

September 14, 2017 ~ Pine Journal

From JD Matts:

...first Carlton opposes any discussion of consolidation with Wrenshall because they wanted to preserve their identity ...then approaches Cloquet about looking into consolidation? Something stinks here. Time to flush the school boards and actually vote in people actually willing to look at doing what is in the best interest of the students and residents rather than school administrators.

From Aleyse Chapin:

It would make much more sense for Carlton and Wrenshall to consolidate, not Carlton and Cloquet. Cloquet already has tons of students. And what good would staying in the same elementary that needs work do? Are they expecting Cloquet residents to back a new school project?

From Jody Mattinen:

Absolutely ridiculous. Too pig headed to consolidate where it makes the most sense.

From Megan Hebert:

This is ridiculous. There are a lot of folks on both sides, Carlton and Wrenshall, that are for consolidation, which makes the most sense. Let the people vote, not the boards. If [consolidation with Cloquet] does happen, will Carlton school district pick up our taxes too? Ours went up a bit for the new middle school, I'd be happy to share them!

From Lila Merrick Penner:

Please explain to me how this is an option? The Carlton superintendent and school board told us that consolidation with Wrenshall was off the table, when they were trying to talk us into passing their multi-million dollar referendum. One of them said, well you know it's so far for the kids to ride on the bus.... Now they want to consolidate with Cloquet? What on earth? Sounds like the taxpayers need to attend more school board meetings.

From Debra Washenesky:

So Carlton wanted a new school in Carlton, do they think Cloquet is going to build them a new school ?

From Heather Talarico:

Carlton residents going to chip in on the taxes for that fancy new school if the consolidate with us?

From Theresa Torrance:


From Tim Brigan:

You can only beat a dead horse so now they found another. Grrr.