I had the chance to take my grandson Matthew to the new Star Wars movie on Christmas Day and really enjoyed it. After the movie, Matthew said to me, “You must have really liked this movie, Grandma, because you only fell asleep twice.” Out of the mouths of young folks is all I can say!  

A beautiful memorial service was held Sunday, Dec. 27, for Raymond Line 71, who died Dec. 18, 2015. His family, friends and neighbors turned out in great numbers. The Bethany church was filled to overflowing in tribute to a great man! Pastor Tim Homstad gave a very inspirational message and Lynn Line and Arnold Collman gave touching tributes. Our sympathy to the whole family on the loss of their brother and uncle.

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Last week, I wrote a paragraph about the life of Gladys Clark and was reminded that she died Dec. 10, not Dec. 12. Sorry for the mistake, but thanks for letting me know of this mistake. I never mind being corrected, as we want information to be correct.

We received the sad news that Brian VonDeLinde, 43, of McGregor and formerly of Wright passed away in his mother’s home Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. A celebration of his life will take place Jan. 9 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wright. Our sympathy to his mom Judy, dad Dennis and sister Karen and family.

I was able to attend the Elementary Christmas Program and boy are we fortunate to have so many kids with so much talent. The classes all sang their hearts out and it is such a joy to see the gym filled to the brim with parents, grandparents, etc. supporting our school and staff. Now, they will be on break until Jan. 4 for some well deserved time off!

Some of you may know Mike Birkeland. He works for Lake Country Power and every year he and his family make a Christmas video. This year’s is one of the best so if you go to www.sarahmaeandthebirkelandboys.com/media/videos/, you will really enjoy this year’s video Christmas. They had a little (OK, a lot) of help from their friends this year. This is well worth checking out even if you don’t know them.

We will celebrate a Leap Year Day on Feb. 29 in 2016. I was hoping with this extra day, I will be able to get more done this coming year than this year. I also have a friend who’s birthday is on Feb. 29 and she will celebrate her 20th birthday on the actual day, so many years old is she? Yes, 80 is the number! Where do all those years go?

That’s all the news from Lake Happynewyear2016! And hello to all the new families in our area. We hope you love being in our area!