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Wright-Cromwell News: Aug 2 2018

The 12th Annual Karl Kalli Memorial Golf Tournament is Friday, Aug. 3, at the Cloquet Country Club. This tournament is in honor of Keith's dad, Karl, and the proceeds benefit all athletic programs at Cromwell-Wright School. For more information, contact Keith or Linda Kalli at the bar in Wright.

The Carlton County University of Minnesota Extension has announced that Samantha Suhonen is the 2018 4-H summer intern. Samantha grew up in Wright and is the daughter of Theresa and Jeff Suhonen. She is going to North Dakota State University in Fargo, N.D., working on a degree in animal science with a minor in agricultural business.

The pop machines are now installed at the Cromwell Park Pavilion.

Last week, I asked my readers if anyone knew anything about the Violet Cemetery on East Mud Lake Road. I was lucky and got two similar replies.

First, from Elaine Crouch: "I think the Violet family had a hotel in town, and some of the family lived nearby, on what was the Frank Hanson farm when we were young. They had at least two small children. One of them, a young boy, wandered down the hill to what was the "sinkhole" (before the road was improved and moved). The little boy was gone for quite a while before his mom went looking for him. She left what she was cooking on the stove, and the smaller child napping in its bed. When the dad came home, the food on the stove was burned, and the baby was awake and crying. He found the boy and mom had drowned. The boy probably fell in, and the mom tried, unsuccessfully, to rescue him. It was a very sad and traumatic story.

"My dad (Albert Peterson) remembered riding with his parents behind the wagon carrying the two coffins to the cemetery in Wright (He was a pallbearer for the little boy, who was probably close to his age), and being afraid the coffins would fall off the wagon when they hit the many bumps in the road. I think they were buried there because it was a family cemetery.

"It would be interesting to see if the historical club has more information on this, to correct or confirm my memories."

And then the other story comes from Linda Lehti who lives on East Mud Lake Road: "Jasper Beseman told this about the cemetery where the Violets are buried. Helen and James are buried in the same grave. James (Helen's son) was swimming and was drowning. Helen (his mother) tried to save him and they both drowned — I think it was in the Tamarack River — not sure though. Helen Violet 1897—1923, James 1918—1923, James O Violet: March 2, 1890—April 11,1911. Father's name is written on the gravestone.

"I also heard that there were other people buried there that died of the flu in 1918. They lived there and were buried immediately to prevent the flu from spreading. Jasper said the family later moved out west somewhere and they dug up the graves and took the people and gravestones with them. I don't know their names."

I'm trying to find the oldest living veteran in our area. Could it be Ray Gurske?

Upcoming events

• Tuesday, Aug. 7 — Cromwell Area Historical Club meets on ground level of Cardinal Court, 10 a.m. New folks are always welcome.

• Tuesday, Aug. 7 — Bookmobile, 2-2:45 p.m., main street in Cromwell, and 1-1:45 p.m., Wright School.

• Tuesday, Aug. 7 — National Night Out, Wright. Fire departments hosting.

• Thursday, Aug. 9 — Ruby's Pantry, 10-11:30 a.m., Cromwell Park Pavilion.

• Aug. 11 — 1918 fires pogram by Dan Reed, 1 p.m., Kettle River.

• Aug. 11 — Ma and Pa Kettle Days, Kettle River.

• Aug. 14 — YOT at the Cromwell Park Pavilion, noon.

• Aug. 14 — Primary election.

• Aug. 14 — Last day to file for school board candidacy.

That's all the news from "the Edge of Wright."