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Mrs. Peggy Lavick

Mrs. Peggy Lavick

Mrs. Peggy Lavick recently observed her 100th birthday on April 13, at the Evergreen Senior Residential Suites in Cloquet. She was joined by two dozen friends and immediate family members, including her daughters Joan and Baylee and sons Howard and Neil, for a party to celebrate the centennial of her life full of joy and wonder. Peggy and her late husband, Rod Lavick, were married for 68 years and together they operated Roderics Furniture store which was a fixture in Cloquet for nearly 35 years.

Although Peggy has grown a bit frail in recent years, her spirit still brightens whenever she welcomes visitors and chats with Evergreen staff members. She was born in Duluth in 1918, the year of the Great Fires and celebrated her 100th birthday during the historic snowstorm of April 2018. For someone who always says, "It could be worse", Peggy has the attitude to get through a century of ups and downs with a smile.