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To the Editor: Vote 'no,' dissolve the district

To the Editor:

We have been a part of the Carlton community for over 50 years and all five of our children graduated from Carlton High School. We now are living in rapidly changing times as all the new technology will attest to. We read where Maurice's recently completed a new office building in Duluth and are now eliminating over 20 positions because of changes in retail shopping, as in online shopping. Education like the retail business is also changing with online courses, charter schools, private schools, and students going to college their last two years of high school. We now have only half of the Carlton district students attending the Carlton schools for various reasons. Ten years from now, will we be paying for a building that is empty or out of date?

It appears that the school boards of Wrenshall and Carlton could not set aside their biases for the sake of consolidation. Consolidation is a sign of the times; we see it in all facets of our lives. While it is always good politics to use "for the good of the children," one must also consider "the welfare of the provider of services, i.e. the taxpayer." Without the taxpayer there are no children and no facilities.

We believe the best solution for the Carlton School District is to dissolve the district as an independent district and disperse the remaining students to the surrounding five districts. The existing school buildings could be converted to vocational training which seems to be lacking for those students not destined for college.

We urge the voters of the Carlton School District to vote "No," especially because of the uncertainty of the Enbridge and Great Lakes tax cases currently in the courts.

Bill and Ruth Sharratt