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Opinions welcome here



In recent months the Pine Journal opinion page has been overflowing with so many letters to the editor and guest columns that there simply isn't space for us to opine.

And that's just fine.

That's what the opinion page of the local newspaper is for. Ideally it will be a lively place where citizens feel they can share their ideas and opinions. We act as referee with such commentaries and letters, making sure it is an exchange of ideas rather than a slug fest.

Letters and guest commentaries in recent months have touched on the controversy with the Cloquet police department and city council as well as proposed school referendums in Wrenshall and Carlton, among other things.

This week you'll find a column from recently retired Cloquet Police Chief Steve Stracek. It is the first time he's really spoken out publicly since the Cloquet City Council voted to put him on paid administrative leave on March 16, and subsequently declared him "exonerated of all allegations" but encouraged him to retire anyway.

We are honored that the former chief chose the Pine Journal's opinion page to break his silence. At the same time, that doesn't mean we won't run other viewpoints on the issue. We welcome them.*

A vibrant opinion page is a sign of an engaged community and it's very exciting to see that our Carlton County residents care about what's going on in their own communities.

*Please read the Letters to the Editor guidelines on this page before sending, however.

~ Jana Peterson