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Read a print version of the paper -- online!

Electronically delivered replica newspapers are all the rage these days.

From major-metro dailies to small-town weeklies, publishers everywhere are finding audiences enthused by this modern method of traditional newspaper delivery.

Starting today and through June 30, anyone who wants to experience our E-PAPER can do so for free by logging onto and clicking on the E-PAPER button on the Subscribe Now button.

Make no mistake: The E-PAPER is not our website.

Rather, it's an electronic version of our print publication. It looks exactly like today's edition, but it's on the computer. The user can page through each page, zoom in and out of articles, ads, photos and graphics, and browse that day's inserts.

Why are so many readers becoming enamored with this version of daily newspaper delivery?

First, delivery is never in question. It arrives in any kind of weather and always on time.

Second, you don't have to be at home or work to access your newspaper. You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. It's ideal for people who travel, winter elsewhere or are otherwise outside our normal printed delivery area.

Third, there is no waste. While newspapers are easily recycled, some readers would rather not deal with that.

Because the E-PAPER doesn't require us to print it and physically deliver it, we can offer it to readers at a discounted price of $1.95 a month. But from now until the end of June, we're just asking people to try it for free. We think many will like it and subscribe.

Many readers love holding a printed newspaper in their hands. The E-PAPER will not replace that experience.

But for those who don't mind reading on computers, tablets or mobile devices, but prefer a traditional newspaper design, our E-PAPER is a wonderful option.

~ Pine Journal staff