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Blueberry farmer turned sailor at Cloquet Public Library Tuesday

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Curtis C. Bush, former humble Cloquet blueberry farmer, now hailing from humble downtown Cotton, Minn., has had his first book published by Savage Press of Superior, Wis. “From Blueberries to Blue Seas” is the story of how Bush transitioned from being a humble farmer to becoming a humble sailor on the not-so-humble high seas of the five Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean.

The 315-page book was released to rave reviews in September. Bush’s breezy writing style makes the narrative a fun and easy read, plus the text is dotted throughout with fascinating images of transiting the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway in a small craft is like.

This humble farmer/sailor/author will be a guest of the Cloquet Public Library at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Bush brings his breezy banter to the discussion of this unique life experience and is an inspiration to listen to. The details of leaving the farm, learning to sail, navigating on big, open water, braving the storms of the Gaspe, and feeling his way through the infamous fogs of the Canadian Maritime coasts guarantees a fascinating … but always humble … evening of entertainment and enlightenment.