I'm a believer in the health benefits of massage. A National Institutes of Health newsletter lists some reasons you might consider getting one, including stress reduction, relief of sore muscle pain, relaxation and to ease anxiety or depression. Those symptoms are common for hospital patients.

Nancy Rodgers, a Mayo Clinic massage therapist, has seen how transformative and restorative massage can be for patients in the hospital -- whether they just had surgery, delivered a baby or are fighting cancer.

"It's a big trust factor for some of the patients to say, 'you can touch me now,'" says Rodgers. "I've had patients say that they're scared to have us give them a massage, because they think it's always a deep tissue massage and it will hurt. But this is totally different that what you might have had outside of the hospital."

In this episode of NewsMD's podcast, "Health Fusion," Viv Williams has a conversation with Rodgers about a type of massage designed for hospital patients.

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