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As I sit down to type this week's news, I'd like to wish Bob Schultz a happy birthday. He retired a year ago today, on Aug. 7, also. Also, my niece, Angie Dahlman Luna turns 30 on Aug. 8. For the past few years, I have been working on a book for ...

As I sit down to type this week's news, I'd like to wish Bob Schultz a happy birthday. He retired a year ago today, on Aug. 7, also.

Also, my niece, Angie Dahlman Luna turns 30 on Aug. 8.

For the past few years, I have been working on a book for the Carlton County Retired Educators. This book is now being printed and will be available for the first time at the Little Red Schoolhouse at the Carlton County Fair in Barnum, Aug. 17-20. This book includes the teaching histories of 30 or 31 retired teachers from Carlton County. Some of the teachers started teaching in the 1930s or '40s so the stories give a very interesting overview of what teaching has been like in the past 60 to 70 years. The books will also be available at the Harvest Fest in Cromwell on Sept. 8-10 or from me after the fair. All profits from the sale of the book will go to the CCRE to help defray the costs of the Little Red Schoolhouse at the fair and provide programs for the CCRE in the future.

Former Cromwell resident Marion Mann's funeral was held at Salem Lutheran Church in Hermantown, Minn., on Aug. 1, 2006. She had lived to a ripe old age of 94. She was married to Kenneth Mann and they lived and farmed in Cromwell from 1931-1951. They lived where David and Gloria Homstad live now. Their children were Shirley, Maurice, Paul, Willis and the late Sally. Marion had spent the last few years her life in several nursing homes in Duluth before she died at the Franciscan Health Care Center. Our sympathy to the family. It's never easy to lose a parent.

Alice Bushnell will be celebrating her 70th birthday on Aug. 19 in Minneapolis. You can send her birthday greetings as 21 Van Buren Ave S., Hopkins, MN 55343.


During the past several years, the U.S. nickel has been redesigned and has some interesting designs on both the front and the back. There were two new nickels in 2004 and 2005, and one in 2006. Of the two in 2004, one was a miniature of the large medal that Lewis and Clark had with them to present to Indian Chiefs on their trip out west. It has a pipe and tomahawk and two hands clasped as in shaking hands. The second has an excellent engraving of the large keelboat they traveled in to the Mandan Village. Sails propelled it when the wind was right, and when it wasn't, the members of the group towed with a rope on the shore. That must not have been fun, pulling a large clumsy boat upstream, especially as they wore moccasins. The keelboat was sent back to St. Louis with whatever specimens, live animals and plants that they had collected to that point. The other side of the coin has the depiction of Jefferson that was standard for a number of years.

In 2005, one nickel has a view of the Pacific Ocean and the inscription "Ocean in View, O the Joy!" The second 2005 nickel has a buffalo (bison) with four legs showing. Many years ago, there was a "buffalo" nickel, but it showed only three legs. The 2005 Kansas quarter also has a buffalo, but it is a more of a front view. The front of these two nickels has a new view of Jefferson, bigger and facing to the right. The 2006 nickel has Jefferson facing to the front and the reverse is the old image of Monticello. How many of these nickels have you collected?

Linda Dahlman, Beseman Township clerk, has sent letters out to all Beseman residents that beginning Sept. 12, 2006, all federal and state elections for Beseman Township will be conducted by mail ballot. The principle reasons for conducting the elections by mail are the significant increase in costs to conduct elections, the need to appoint and train an adequate number of election judges and the necessity to secure an accessible facility to accommodate election activities. The ballots will be mailed by the Carlton County Auditor no earlier that 20 days and no later than 14 days before the date of the election. If you do not receive a ballot, you can go to the courthouse and get one if you qualify.

Do you know we all are asked to wear red on Fridays? This is a "Support the Troops" campaign. I don't know where this got started, but Julie Hart Koski was the one who told me about it and she learned about "Wear Red on Fridays" on the Internet.

The Class of 1963 had a mini reunion at Erv Pettit's home on Aug. 5. It was actually Erv's retirement party and nine of his classmates attended. Those able to attend were Shirley Parviainen Maki, Aine Tamminen Merrill, Judy Weimer Koivisto, Judy Anderson Johnson, Patty Johnson Lund, Shirley Pettit Hanson, Jennie Dahlman Hanson, Dale Borchardt, and Curtis Kisler. They all had a great time and are planning their 45th reunion in 2008.

A couple of weeks ago, I mistakenly said that Elaine Carlson Wallin's last name was Wilson. Sorry, Elaine, I guess I had a "senior moment!" But there again, it goes to show that I write the "Wright" News and the "Wrong" News!

The singing group, "Hear by Faith" will be at the 10:30 a.m. church service at Bethany in Cromwell on Aug. 27. Everyone is welcome to attend in air-conditioned comfort.

Former Cromwell-Wright Principal Dr. Joan Bloemendaal-Gruett is now the manager of employment at a training center in Pine City. She will be assisting people to go from welfare to work. We wish her well in her new job and hope to see her around again during community events.


I guess that's all the news from Lake Lookingforwardtofall and Hello to all our new teachers, staff and students who will be starting school on Sept. 5.

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