Washington Elementary uses grant to purchase resonator bells

The school's music department used the instruments for classes during the pandemic, which allowed students to participate in class when they couldn't sing, play recorders or dance as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Washington Elementary School students use resonator bells during music class. (Photo courtesy of Katy Buytaert)

The Cloquet Educational Foundation awarded the Washington Elementary School Music Department money to purchase resonator bell sets for its classrooms.

With help from the school's Partners in Education, both music classrooms are now fully equipped with classroom sets, said Katy Buytaert, music teacher, in an email to the Pine Journal.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, elementary music as we know it could not exist — no singing, no recorders and no dancing!" she said. "We were able to rush shipment on these instruments and the kids in all grade levels were able to learn so much — playing songs, practicing rhythmic and melodic notation, solfege, and many other skills."

Buytaert said teachers sanitized the instruments between classes and will be used at the school "for years to come."

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