A $2 million project designed to improve drainage and create a better ride on Minnesota Highway 210 though Cromwell will be delayed a year, until 2021, the state transportation department said on Monday.
The project to replace pavement, storm sewer and make accessibility improvements "is unable to be delivered in 2020 as planned," MnDOT said in a news release issued from its Duluth office.
MnDOT staff will attend the Cromwell City Council meeting Aug. 21 to give an update and field any questions. The project had been scheduled for 2020, and is now scheduled to be constructed in 2021.
In a statement to the News Tribune, MnDOT explained the delay: "The public engagement process took longer to complete than anticipated, and we are unable to deliver the remaining tasks by the planned let date of March 2020. Instead, planning for construction in 2021 will allow MnDOT to work through the environmental due diligence, right-of-way, and final design processes."
The project will reconstruct the existing highway and includes the following:
  • Twelve-foot driving lanes and 10-foot parking lanes will be maintained on Highway 210 from Minnesota Highway 73 to Burnett Road.
  • New storm sewer and curb and gutter to collect and convey storm-water runoff.
  • New sidewalk along Highway 210 and along the west side of Highway 73 adjacent to the Cromwell High School.
  • New lighting along Highway 210.