Tributaries of the Truth: Listen to episode 2 of A Better Search for Barbara Cotton

Barbara Louise Cotton vanished from the streets of Williston, N.D. on April 11, 1981 after eating dinner with a boyfriend and another friend. She has never been heard from since that night. "A Better Search for Barbara" is a five-part podcast series investigating this 40 year old mystery. Episode 2, "Tributaries of the truth" attempts to untangle two questions: What was that last dinner all about? Could Barbara have simply run away?

15 year old Barbara Cotton went missing from Williston, N.D. on April 11, 1981

A Better Search for Barbara Cotton is an investigative podcast series about one of North Dakota's longest running cold cases, the disappearance of 15 year old Barbara Cotton of Williston, N.D.

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In Episode 2, "Tributaries of the Truth," we attempt to untangle the confusion surrounding Barbara's last known whereabouts. We also look closer at the question: Could Barbara Cotton have simply run away?

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The podcast will be released over five days starting March 1, 2021. Listen here or anywhere podcasts are found ( Spotify , Apple , Google Podcasts , Stitcher etc.)



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