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As we increase the value of what we offer to members, Forum Communications and the Pine Journal also want members to know the full extent of their membership benefits and how to use them. If you aren’t using all of the benefits available, then you aren’t experiencing the full value of what we offer as a part of your membership subscription.

Unlimited access within the Forum Communications news network

When you become a member, you don’t just get access to the news and deals in your local community. You also get unlimited online access to the 20+ sites within our news network , which spans the upper Midwest. Whether it’s where you grew up, where you went to college or where you live today, you can stay connected to friends and family who live nearby from hometown reporters. In each of the communities we operate, we strive to provide quality, community-based journalism on the topics that matter to you.

News formats that work for your needs

You’re busy and on-the-go so your local news needs to keep up with options that keep you informed anywhere, anytime. No matter what your information needs, we have you covered. If you enjoy the print newspaper format, we recommend you try the e-paper. You can read your paper in the same layout as the print newspaper, but with more options than what you can find in print. Your local e-paper is available online or through the e-paper app you can download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store .

Need the latest news? Our online news sites and related apps are updated 24/7 with the latest local news, weather, and health information available. Plus, our online and e-paper options offer you more news than what you’ll find in print while keeping all the features you want, like crossword puzzles, games and comics. Stay informed with a better news experience and options that work for your life.

Personalized e-newsletters with content that matters to you

We know that life gets busy and having customized content related to your needs and interests delivered straight to your inbox adds convenience to your already hectic schedule. When you become a member, you can sign up for several newsletters that will get you the information you need in a place you already spend much of your time -- your inbox! We’re working to add more newsletters on the specialty topics that matter to you and we look forward to hearing your feedback on topic areas you would like to have highlighted and delivered via customized newsletters.


Staying connected with membership

Let’s take a look at the value of membership with an example of how being a member can benefit an existing subscriber. Let’s explore how a print subscriber who has connected their digital account with their subscription account information benefits from staying connected and saves time and money.

As a print subscriber, once you’ve connected your digital account to your print subscription, the benefits begin! You get more access to news on-the-go including everything from sports, lifestyle, features and more. But your access to local community news and added value doesn’t stop there.

As a member, you can view and read news throughout the upper Midwest on our network of 20 + news sites with your unlimited access. Or, if you prefer the familiar layout of the print newspaper, the e-paper available online or through the app, lets you flip through the paper when and where you need your news with benefits you can’t get in print . Newsletters on a variety of topics are also available, so you can sign up to have updates sent directly to your email, keeping you connected even when you don’t have a chance to read your newspaper.

You’ll also receive Press Pass Membership Perks with your membership. Look for emails that showcase partnerships and check your account benefits (and don't miss the "Score More Deals" button at the bottom) for exclusive, members-only discounts and offers to help you save money.

From tangible memories saved from print newspapers to learning more about what’s happening in your community and beyond online, you’ll experience the value of membership. You can also know that the news you read and share comes from a trusted source produced by our journalists, your friends and neighbors, who live and work in your community.

Discover Your Membership Value Today

If you are a print subscriber, you can connect your accounts for unlimited online access and more today at . Our Member Services team is here to help you with any questions or concerns at (218) 879-1950. We are grateful for your continued support of local journalism.

If you’re interested in becoming a new member, welcome! We appreciate your interest in our vital work. You can find the available digital and digital + print subscription packages at . Simply select the option that works best for you and follow the steps to your unlimited news access and more. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Member Services team or call us at (218) 879-1950.

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