2022 Moose Lake Mayoral race: Michalski challenges Shaw

Jim Michalski is running against incumbent Ted Shaw for Moose Lake mayor.

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MOOSE LAKE — Two candidates are running in the race for mayor of Moose Lake.

Incumbent Ted Shaw is seeking reelection and is facing Jim Michalski, a former Moose Lake city councilor and a current member of the Moose Lake Fire Protection District.

Here's more about the candidates and the issues they're running on. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Their responses have been edited for style and grammar.

Jim Michalski

Age: 53

Family: Married with a stepson, a son and a daughter.


Occupation: Department of Corrections-Moose Lake

Community service involvement: Previous city of Moose Lake councilor and active member of the Moose Lake Fire Protection District.

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Jim Michalski
Contributed / Jim Michalski

Previous experience in elected office: City of Moose Lake councilor for six years; many officer positions held including fire chief, over more than 20 years with the Moose Lake Fire Department.

Why are you running for office?

I was previously on the Moose Lake City Council for six years and enjoyed serving the taxpayers of Moose Lake. I believe that change and different ideas are important for all government agencies.

What are the big challenges you see facing the community?

The streets in Moose Lake are in dire need of repair. Another major challenge is the all-terrain vehicle use within the city limits.

If elected, how would you work to address those issues?


For the street challenge, I would reevaluate the priority list of street repairs and make sure that the list is followed in a timely manner. Someone should be looking for infrastructure grants to possibly fund some of these repairs.

As for the all-terrain vehicle use within the city limits, I would be willing to work with the local ATV organizations, local law enforcement, county law enforcement and the state to address the concerns of Moose Lake citizens.

What successes do you hope to build on, if elected?

I am active in the community and very approachable. I am willing to discuss all issues that affect the citizens of Moose Lake. I am willing to listen and discuss all issues including the ones I agree with and the ones I might disagree with. Communicating with the citizens of Moose Lake is vital to having a successful government.

Ted Shaw

Family: Married with four children and seven grandchildren.

Occupation: Retired from FAA; currently serving as mayor of Moose Lake.

Community service involvement: I have been involved with various groups within our community over the years. I have been active on the local youth baseball, basketball and hockey associations throughout many years. I have coached youth baseball and basketball up until this year.

I have also been active on the local park board, community education board and the age to age board.


I have been a member of the Agate Days and the triathlon committees for many years.

I have also been a member of the American Legion and the Legion Honor Guard for the past 38 years.

Previous experience in elected office: I have been the mayor of Moose Lake for the past 18 years, as well as being a member of the Moose Lake School Board for 10 years.

Why are you running for office?

Ted Shaw
Contributed / Ted Shaw

I am running for the office of mayor of Moose Lake as there have been many challenges that the city has had to face in the past several years with the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the city operations and effectiveness.

In addition, the city is facing an aging infrastructure and new fiscal challenges caused by the state of the economy. With the city's new personnel on board on the administration side, I would like the opportunity to work with them and the city council to implement the best future course for Moose Lake.

What are the challenges you see facing the community?

The biggest challenge for the city of Moose Lake at this time is trying to promote city growth and be progressive while keeping the debt and taxes for our citizens as low as possible.

Another challenge is the need to replace our aging infrastructure, including sewer, water, stormwater and road improvements. Other important issues and challenges facing our community and citizens involve supporting our state facilities who employ so many in the area; supporting our local hospitals and clinics, along with our school, local police department and fire district.

The biggest concern is the fiscal effect that these challenges have on our citizens.

If elected, how would you work to address those issues?

If elected, I will continue to work closely with the city council members and the city administration staff in the development of the city budget and project planning to work towards the community's priorities.

In the past few years, the city has passed a city sales tax and franchise fees to generate funds to help address these issues.

I would continue to encourage the city administration to aggressively apply for funding through grants, cooperative agreements and partnerships.

What successes do you hope to build on, if elected?

I would hope to continue to work closely with our city council, administrative team and the many volunteer boards to cooperatively continue on with the many successes that we have had.

Some of the priority successes being road improvements; a new well system and water tower refurbishment; continuing to replace water and sewer lines; and improving our stormwater system.

Other successful endeavors that need to be followed up on are supporting our excellent police department and fire district, as well as continuing to support our progressive cemetery, library, historical society, water and light, and park boards. We will continue to build on and support our chamber of commerce, local medical institutions, local school, state facilities and the many youth and adult organizations, which includes our excellent musical organizations.

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