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Today we celebrate World Press Freedom Day with free access to our entire network of news sites. We welcome you to explore all the ways in which our journalists work to keep you informed and connected with reliable information you can trust.


We are honoring World Press Freedom Day by taking down our paywall so everyone can discover the value of local news with well-researched facts from reliable sources. Access to news free from government bias or interference is an important part of American democracy, which is why freedom of the press is protected in the First Amendment.

While World Press Freedom Day honors the many journalists who have braved jail or death to deliver the news, it also recognizes the threat of extinction for local news media throughout the world. While Americans are granted the right to a free press, local journalism is still fighting for survival throughout the United States.

Your support makes a difference

The sad reality is that one in five news organizations within the United States has ceased to exist in the last five years -- and that was prior to the pandemic. That means communities just like ours are being stripped of journalism. Places where the public have no government watchdogs ensuring local officials act in their best interests. Entire communities where crime goes unreported, health information is unshared and stories remain unheard.

Many communities are facing this new reality because even a free press depends on the support of loyal readers and subscribers. So today, we welcome you to experience the value of local news. Explore our entire Forum Communications news network for free and see the many ways in which we work to keep you informed and connected. And if you like what you see, please consider supporting us with a subscription .

Learn more about the five rights covered by the First Amendment in this special news series .


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While access to our news network is free for World Press Freedom Day, you may not be able to experience the full value of local news in just one day. With more than 20 news sites, e-papers, apps and specialty news sites, there is a lot of news, information and stories to read and watch. This is why we’re offering a rare, one-day offer for 50% off an annual unlimited digital or a print + digital subscription , so you can experience the value of local news every day.

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