How has COVID-19 affected Native American communities, people? View the entire 'Indigenous Impacts' project here

"Indigenous Impacts: How Native American communities are responding to COVID-19" takes a deep dive into the effects of the coronavirus on Native American communities and individuals, and looks at how they are battling against the pandemic and the unique problems it poses to their people.

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Numerous Native American contributors teamed up with Forum Communications to share their stories and provide perspective on the impacts of COVID-19.

The project includes essays, a poem, original song and video interviews by Native American contributors, and original reporting by Forum Communications journalists and freelance writers. Find links to the project's content below.


The "Voices" portion of the "Indigenous Impacts" project features essays, poetry, video and more by members of Native American communities in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.



Several Native American contributors interviewed members of their communities for a video, and Tanner Drappeau produced a song.



This project also includes stories on a range of issues related to Native American communities and the coronavirus.

Across the region

An interactive map shows the reservations in the tri-state area and the tribal affiliation and demographics of each. Tens of thousands of residents live on and off the reservations.


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