U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber's midterm reelection bid sailed into the summer on waves of money.

The Hermantown Republican's campaign said Wednesday it would be reporting $450,000 when it filed its second-quarter fundraising report later in the day.

It's a large sum for an off-year with the election 16 months away.

Stauber's campaign has been pressing supporters and others with emails under the banner of taking back Republican-control of the now Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives.

He's appealed to donors with messages targeting immigration at the southern border, critical race theory and spending plans from the White House and Democrats aimed at infrastructure, pandemic recovery and tax cuts for families and children.

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"Economics is complex, but what ails our country is not: Joe Biden and (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi cannot spend our way into an economic recovery," one of Stauber's recent fundraising emails said.

Stauber also has been busy locally, hitting several Independence Day parades and making community outreach across the district. Earlier this month, he conducted a roundtable discussion on roadway funding in Duluth, and oversaw the return of the remains of a district-based Pearl Harbor casualty, Neal Kenneth Todd, of Akeley, Minnesota, after more than 80 years.

"Neal's remains have been identified and he finally returned home to Minnesota," Stauber wrote in his newsletter last week. "It was an honor to join Neal’s family in his hometown of Akeley as he was laid to rest, but it was also a somber reminder that freedom is not free."

There are not yet any Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party or independent candidacies announced to challenge Stauber in the 8th Congressional District during the midterm election Nov. 8, 2022.

To date in 2021, Stauber has raised $805,000, after basically starting from scratch following his repeat election victory in 2020.