The Carlton County Board of Commissioners approved moving a few offices out of the Carlton County Courthouse in Carlton and into the old City of Cloquet building.

Carlton County Coordinator Dennis Genereau asked that his office, the human resources and property management department, which he manages, be moved to the Cloquet building. In addition, he asked the county's Economic Development Department to move to the former City of Cloquet building, as well.

Carlton County purchased the building in 2018. Genereau said the move will help lessen traffic through the courthouse and give those involved in the court system more room to meet while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

“There is a lot of pressure from the court system for more space,” Genereau said. “There’s no place for people to meet right now except in the stairwells and that is difficult with COVID-19.”

The Departmental Operations Center has been housed in the Cloquet building for a while, and Genereau said it has been going well.

He said the departments moving in can share the office space and still have room. The building would need minimum changes, such as installing plastic shields between the employees and public.

Board Chairperson Marv Bodie told Genereau that if the departments move, it may not be permanent.

“The board has the final say on who moves into the building,” Bodie said.

District 4 commissioner Mark Thell asked if the move would be efficient with the other work Genereau does, or if he would need to drive back and forth to the courthouse more often.

Genereau said he already drives back and forth, and he does not anticipate the move making his job less efficient.