The Cloquet City Council unanimously approved a 1.72% property tax increase for 2020 during a meeting Tuesday, Dec. 3.

According to the projected budget councilors approved during the same meeting, Cloquet's levy will increase by more than $51,000 to a total of $3.04 million, an increase of approximately 1.72% from 2019.

A Cloquet property owner with a residential homestead house valued at $150,000 will owe approximately $494 for the Cloquet portion of their property taxes in 2020, according to Carlton County Auditor Kathy Kortuem.

The 2020 budget still contains a number of projects from the city's capital improvement plan, including a $2.8 million expansion of the Cloquet Public Library and approximately $3.8 million for the reconstruction of Prospect and 20th streets.

Other reasons for the increase include rising health insurance premiums for retired employees and additional building maintenance costs at City Hall for the next three years.