Chairperson Barb Dahl, Laura Christensen and Brad Matlack from the Carlton Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) attended a legislative briefing and meetings at the state capitol March 5-6.

They joined a group of 150 other officials from the state’s SWCDs who met in St. Paul to gather support for conservation districts’ programs and issues.

“It is important for us to visit with our elected officials in St. Paul,” said Dahl, of Cromwell.

The 2019 Legislature is debating multiple issues of critical importance to the future of conservation districts in the state, Dahl noted.

“This year, included in the many issues legislators and the governor are addressing is state funding for SWCDs as well as funding for the programs and projects they deliver,” she said. “We have to work hard to make sure the state’s commitment to sharing in the funding needs of SWCDs doesn’t fall by the wayside.”

During the visit to St. Paul, meetings were held with Rep. Mike Sundin and Sen. Jason Rarick.

The event was sponsored by the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts.