Wally DuPuis was elected to fill a vacancy on the Fond du Lac Reservation Business Committee (RBC) in a special election Dec. 4.

DuPuis topped Patty Petite by a vote of 260 to 227 to replace Vanessa Northrup for the District 1 committeeperson (Cloquet) after Northrup was removed in July.

Northrup was removed following a hearing and vote by the RBC on July 30. The hearing came when 20 percent of eligible voters signed a petition asserting Northrup had committed "malfeasance in the handling of tribal affairs" and requested she be removed from office.

DuPuis, who previously served two terms on the RBC, and Petite emerged from a field of 12 candidates that also included Northrup in an Oct. 2 primary.

DuPuis is currently employed as a community advocate in the Fond du Lac social services program. DuPuis acknowledged there are "a ton of issues" facing the reservation, but declined to discuss them with the Pine Journal.

"That's a tribal issue and not for the general public," he said.