While the Aug. 14 primary election determined which two candidates would advance to the general election Nov. 6, a different filing deadline on the same day saw even more candidates for elected office.

In Carlton County, the latest round of filings included school board openings, township positions, all municipalities - other than Cloquet, which held a primary - and the Moose Lake Hospital District.

The races for school board appear to have the most interest, with nine candidates filing for three seats in the Carlton School District and eight candidates filing for three spots in the Cromwell-Wright School District. Most of the other school board races had four or five people file for three spots, including Cloquet.

No candidates filed for Carlton mayor or the Carlton County Soil and Water Conservation District, although Russell Kurhajetz is asking voters to write-in his name in for SWCD District 2.

County Auditor/Assessor Paul Gassert said it's common to have a dearth of candidates, especially in the smaller jurisdictions. Those contests are generally decided by write-in candidates, he said.

However, Gassert added, write-in candidates must be qualified to serve in that particular office and be a resident of that place. He or she would also have to accept the nomination to serve and be sworn into office. So no cartoon characters can win.

"I have always emphasized that winning the election only means you have been nominated to serve; you still need to be sworn into office at that January meeting." Gassert said. "We had an instance whereby a candidate for one of the judge seats won the election, but died before he was sworn into office. I am also told that school board candidates need to pass a background check before they can be sworn into office."

On top of choosing their favored candidate, voters in Scanlon, Moose Lake and Wrenshall will also have ballot questions to decide in November:

• In Scanlon, city officials will ask voters to approve a half-percent local option sales tax to help fund water and sewer improvements, street improvements and work on drainage issues. If approved, the sales tax would generate 5 cents of tax revenue for Scanlon from every $10 purchase made in city limits.

• In Wrenshall, the school district is planning to place a three-question facility referendum on the ballot. If it passes, the referendum would provide revenue to preserve the existing building; replace the boiler; improve security and handicapped accessibility by reconfiguring the main office and entry; and remodel the recreation building into a new industrial technology facility, among other projects.

• The city of Moose Lake will have a question about Sunday liquor sales.

The following is a list of local candidates on Nov. 6 general election ballots:

State Representative for District 11A

Republican - Jeff A. Dotseth

Democrat - Mike Sundin

Carlton County

Commissioner District 2

Marv Bodie

Commissioner District 4

Susan Zmyslony

Mark J. Thell


Paul G. Gassert


Kelly Lake


Lauri A Ketola

Thomas H. Pertler

Soil and Water Conservation District

Supervisor District 2

No candidates filed for this office.

Supervisor District 3

No candidates filed for this office.

Moose Lake Hospital District

City of Barnum representative

No candidates filed for this office.

City of Kettle River representative

Tricia L. Riel

Silver Township representative

Sue Pedersen

Windemere Township representative

Kelly Goeb

At Large representative

Joanne Collier

City of Cloquet


Dave Hallback

Roger Maki

Councilor Ward 1

Warren "Bun" Carlson

Jeff Rock

Councilor Ward 2

David Bjerkness

Sheila Lamb

Councilor Ward 3

Dakota C. Koski

Richard L. Colsen

Councilor At Large (to fill unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2020)

Les Riess

Lara Wilkinson

City of Barnum


Jason Goodwin

Two council members (four-year terms)

Justin D. Dinger

Lori Berglund

Pat Oman

City of Carlton


No candidates filed.

Two council members (four-year terms)

Ruth Jorgenson

Brent Bodie

City of Cromwell


Sharon Zelazny

Two council members (four-year terms)

Joshua T. King-Hage

Raymond M. Lally

Philip M. Lippo

City of Kettle River


David Lucas

George Klaskin

Two council members (four-year terms)

Miya Kohmetscher

Kris Miller

Kyle Riel

One council member (to fill unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2020)

Guy P. Collier

Jesse Kemp

City of Moose Lake


Ted Shaw

Two council members (four-year terms)

Mike Peterson

Doug Juntunen

Walter Lower III

Ballot question

Sunday liquor

City of Scanlon


James Pratt

Annette F. Bryant

Two council members (four-year terms)

Allan Wallin

Mike Berthiaume

Ron Stigers

Ballot question

Local option sales tax

City of Wrenshall


DonnaMae Weiderman

Gary Butala

Two council members (four-year terms)

Jeff Kimmes

Duane R. Ziebarth

City of Wright


Mark W. Groth

Two council members (four-year terms)

Taylor J. Grones

Gene R. Lott

Donovan E. Ranta Sr.

One council member (to fill unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2020)

Shale L. Korpela

ISD No. 91 Barnum

Three School Board members

Beth Schatz

Paul Coughlin

Jessica Unkelhaeuser

Jenna Zmyslony

Tania Moerke

ISD No. 93 Carlton

Three School Board members

Susan Karp

Ann Gustafson

Dolores "Lori" Gamble

Jared Krone

Eryn Szymczak

Timothy Soden-Groves

Randy C. Schmidt

Howard Port

Jeremy "Sam" Ojibway

ISD No. 94 Cloquet

Three School Board members

Gary Hawk Huard

Ted Lammi

David Battaglia

John David Babineau

ISD No. 95 Cromwell-Wright

Three School Board members

Gregory Eliason

Thomas Kabus Jr.

Kiiri Schoenberg

Tom Anderson

Alicia Jatkola

Walter Collman

Charles Maki

Shayne Korpela

ISD No. 97 Moose Lake

Three School Board members

Kris Lyons

Kim Bohnsack

Steven Blondo

Kara Hubred

Julie Peterson

ISD No. 99 Esko

Three School Board members

Todd Rengo

Jeff Salo

Margaret (Maggie) Sunnarborg

ISD No. 100 Wrenshall

Three School Board members

Michelle Blanchard

Cindy Bourn

Debra L. Washensky

Randall Jack Eudy

Wrenshall school bond questions

Bond question 1


Bond question 2


Bond question 3


Atkinson Township

Two supervisor seats

Terry L. Dearborn

Automba Township

Supervisor Seat A

Mark Seelen

Supervisor Seat C

Deane Rengo


Denise L. Reed

Barnum Township

Two supervisor seats

Keith Rasmussen

David Duesler


Kate Rasmussen

Beseman Township

Supervisor Seat A

Budwin Lehti

Supervisor Seat C

John Manninen


Mark Dahlman

Blackhoof Township

Two supervisor seats

Roger Hurd

Dale Davis

Michael Salzer


Rhoda Fitzsimmons

Holyoke Township

Supervisor Seat A

George Haynes

Supervisor Seat B

John W. Magnuson


Mary L. Munn

Kalevala Township

Supervisor Seat B

No candidates filed.

Supervisor Seat C (to fill unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2020)

Lelon Naylor


Howard Eskuri

Lakeview Township

Lakeview Township held elections in March.

Mahtowa Township

Two supervisor seats

No candidates filed.


Sandra M. Haley

Moose Lake Township

Supervisor Seat A

Phil Lattu

Carl Bennett

Supervisor Seat C

Steve Aldrin


Dawn J. Moffett

Clerk (to fill unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2020)

Jeri Seidling

Silver Township

Supervisor Seat B

David Isaacson

Sue Pedersen

Supervisor Seat C

Kenneth J. Hedin

Supervisor Seat A (to fill unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2020)

Jeremy Grimm


Gerald Konu

Silver Brook Township

Two supervisor seats

Duane J. Laveau

Randall Wolf


Deborah Nyberg

Skelton Township

One supervisor seat

James Newman


Linda Redetzke

Split Rock Township

Supervisor Seat A

Robert Kuhlman


Benjamin Nelson

Thomson Township

Supervisor Seat A

Terry W. Hill

Supervisor Seat B

Ruth Janke

John L. Bergman

Supervisor Seat E

Tony Compo

Twin Lakes Township

Supervisor Seat A

Randy Willie

Supervisor Seat B

John Vernon

Wrenshall Township

Two supervisor seats

Dwain S. Meyer

Henry (Hank) Wyman


Renee McArthur

Eagle Township

Supervisor Seat A

Susan K. Koivisto

Robert H. Switzer


Debra A. Switzer

Perch Lake Township

Supervisor Seat A

Gary Harms

Supervisor Seat C

No candidates filed.


Cheri DeMenge