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Primary election: Zmyslony, Thell advance in county commissioner race

Incumbent Carlton County District 4 Commissioner Susan Zmyslony was the highest vote-getter in her race during the primary election Tuesday, Aug. 14. She won 34.92 percent of the votes with 623, followed by Mark Thell, who had 24.61 percent and 439 votes.

The two defeated three other candidates to advance to the general election Nov. 6.

"It felt pretty good to win," Zmyslony said. "I worked hard and there were a lot of quality candidates."

Thell concurred.

"I was pretty encouraged by the huge turnout of voters compared to last time in 2014," he said. "I gave out about 700 cards and went down sideroads knocking on doors and talking to people." He noted that District 4 covers a lot of territory. He estimated there are 3,400-4,000 residences in the area.

Thell said he anticipated winning in the primary election from the huge amount of positive feedback he had while campaigning.

Zmyslony said she is going to continue to continue her campaign by knocking on doors.

"Mark is a formidable opponent," Zmyslony said.

Both candidates said they were impressed with the increase in voters at the polls this year.

Of the other three District 4 candidates, Randy McCuskey received 382 votes, Michael Gay garnered 279 and Brenda Martini got 61.