The U.S. Postal Service is reminding post office box customers in Carlton of the proper way to have their mail addressed to them.

Since downtown Carlton doesn’t receive mail, delivery residents can qualify for E boxes -- free post office boxes. However, not all mail to post office boxes is being addressed properly.

USPS reminds residents to include post office box numbers on mailing addresses and to make sure the mail is being addressed to the recipient's post office box address rather than their physical address.

The USPS’ database doesn’t tie physical home addresses to post office box addresses, so without the proper addressing, postal policy states that the mail be returned to the sender, USPS spokesperson Kristy Anderson said in an email to the Pine Journal.

Some mail without the post office box number is returned to the sender before it even reaches a delivery center.

“The (Carlton Post) Office may have tried to deliver if they knew which customer had which PO box; however, it has always been postal policy that all mail must be addressed correctly,” Anderson said. “... As new employees come in or employees from other offices cover, they will not know where to put a piece of mail that is not addressed with the proper PO box addressing.”

The USPS handles 198 billion pieces of mail every year, Anderson said. This makes using a correct address extremely important.

How mail should be addressed to Carlton post office boxes




Source: U.S. Postal Service