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Sundin will run for a second term

Representative Mike Sundin (DFL-Esko) announced on Jan. 27 that he will seek a second term to serve District 11A in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

“Our Governor and State Legislature made great things happen in 2013,” Sundin said. “We made historic investments in our kids’ schools and paid back money borrowed from them to pay for GOP budget deficits. We froze tuition at our colleges, funded all-day, every day kindergarten and greatly expanded early childhood scholarships.”

“We made Minnesota one of the fastest growing economies in the nation by investing $30 million in the Minnesota Investment Fund, opening new markets globally for our products and cutting unemployment insurance taxes by $346.5 million, giving Minnesota employers their largest ever tax cut,” he continued. “And we at long last provided much-needed property tax relief for the middle class, seniors and small businesses – more than $400 million in property tax relief by restoring the state’s commitment to cities, counties, and school districts, and providing direct relief to homeowners and renters. We accomplished these goals by asking the richest 2% of Minnesotans to pay more of their fair share.

“In 2014, we’re going to do our best to raise our state’s minimum wage and make MNsure work so no Minnesotan will have to go to bed at night worked about how to pay for health care.”

Sundin is a 36-year veteran of the Painters and Allied Trades Union and past chair of the Carlton County DFL. Sundin also served as a member of the Cloquet school board for five years. He is currently serving his 8th term on the Board of Directors of the Labor World, northeastern Minnesota’s only labor newspaper.

In his first term as District 11A representative, Sundin has established himself as a tireless advocate for the people of his district, never missing one of the 594 votes in 2013.

“For a generation, we’ve seen gridlock in St. Paul,” Representative Sundin said. “If a DFL Legislature wanted to move the state in a progress direction that would benefit all Minnesotans regardless of income, there was opposition from the governor. Or if a DFL governor tried to aid the plight of our middle class, there were Republican obstructionists in the Legislature to deny him that goal.”

“So, in 2012, when you sent Governor Mark Dayton and DFL majorities in the House and Senate, it was a shout for progress. I have delivered on my pledge to our district would be honored if you – my friends and neighbor – would send me back to continue our important work and make Minnesota’s future even brighter for our children.”