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Quick action contains Cloquet house fire

A Cloquet fire Sunday, Nov. 25, was contained to the kitchen thanks to the quick actions of the tenants. Photo courtesy of Cloquet Area Fire District1 / 2
No one was injured during this kitchen fire in Cloquet on Sunday, Nov. 25. Photo courtesy of Cloquet Area Fire District2 / 2

No one was injured when a Cloquet kitchen caught fire around midnight Sunday, Nov. 25, according to Cloquet Area Fire Investigator Jason Maki.

The tenants residing at 120 16th St. used water and a home fire extinguisher on the blaze before firefighters arrived.

"The fire was contained to the kitchen," Maki said. He said the tenants had put out most of the fire.

Firefighters stayed about an hour to make sure hotspots were extinguished. They also aired out the house. Residents were able to stay in the home.

Stations 1, 2 and 3 responded to the call.