The Cloquet School Board unanimously voted to form a subcommittee to continue negotiations for a tuition agreement to send Carlton high school students to Cloquet during its meeting Monday, Aug. 23.

Superintendent Michael Cary said in a recent conversation with Carlton Superintendent John Engstrom, the two agreed it was time to bring more board members into the process that so far has involved just a few people from each district.

School board members Nate Sandman and Ken Scarbrough will join Board Chair Ted Lammi, Cary and business manager Candis Nelis in negotiations with Carlton. So far, only Lammi, Cary and Nelis have been involved in the discussions.

The sides have engaged in informal talks for several months about what a tuition agreement could look like and have agreed to a general framework that both boards voted to move forward with during meetings earlier this summer.


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