Families around Cloquet are hosting 15 students and two teachers from Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, for two weeks as part of the German-American Partnership Program.

The German students and teachers arrived in Cloquet on Sept. 8. Student Jeremi Klinhe said he's been enjoying his time.

"Everyone is so polite and nice," Klinhe said, "especially the teachers."

The students, who are 15 and 16 years old, stay with families who have children the same age. The German students shadow their host students during the school day, attending classes and after-school activities together.

For those like German student Michelle Tobert, who don't enjoy the sport or activity their host students participate in, they can opt to spend their time other ways.

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"I don't really like running," Tobert said, whose host student runs cross-country. "I'm hanging out with other exchange students after school who don't like running."

Dominik Jerger, however, does. So he joins cross-country practice.

During the students' first week, Cloquet High School German teacher Cara Jargo organized a "Cloquet Day" on Sept. 11 in which students and teachers toured various places in town to learn more about the town.

The school group checked out the Fond du Lac Cultural Center and Museum, Cloquet Area Fire District, Cloquet City Hall and Sappi. Cloquet and Villingen-Schwenningen have participated in the exchange for a couple decades.