Open enrollment for the Cloquet School District has closed for kindergarten and first, third, fourth and seventh grades for the 2019-20 school year due to class sizes that have approached their limits.

The Cloquet School Board voted to close open enrollment for the five grades at the board meeting Monday, August 12. Superintendent Michael Cary said the decision will not affect new students or students the district does not yet know have moved into the district.

“We always anticipate a few of those,” Cary said.

The district approves the first round of open-enrolled students after the Jan. 15 deadline, but parents and guardians can still apply after the deadline if space is available.

Now that the district participates in Minnesota Department of Education’s Achievement and Integration program — which aims to pursue racial and economic integration, while reducing academic disparities based on a student’s background — students can open enroll into or out of the district at any time during the school year.

However, the boards of participating districts still have the right to close open enrollment under certain conditions, like when a grade level reaches a set limit.

After the first couple weeks of school, Cary said the district will look at enrollment numbers to determine whether or not to bring closing open enrollment for the remaining grades to the board like he did last year.