CLOQUET SCHOOL BOARD: Academic eligibility policy changes for student athletes, others


Cloquet School Board members approved a new academic eligibility policy Monday, May 8 for Minnesota High School League-sponsored activities, which will apply mostly to sports, but also include one-act play and some other activities.

Under the terms of the new policy, students who receive one or more failing grades at the end of a quarter will be ineligible to compete in the next two MSHSL contests, games and other events in the following quarter. Students who fail fourth quarter will be immediately ineligible for the next two MSHSL events. If a student doesn't have any more games or other activities after fourth-quarter grades have been finalized, the student will be ineligible for the first two MSHSL events during first quarter of the next school year.

Activities Director Paul Riess said the new policy will give an immediate consequence for failure while still encouraging participation. The previous policy prohibited students from playing sports the entire next quarter.

"I like the immediacy and the participation," Assistant Principal Steve Battaglia said. "And we avoid the 'death penalty' that stopped some kids from even going out for a sport."

The board also voted to end its contract for Microsoft Surface computers for the high school students and change to Chromebooks starting next year. The move will save the district money, as the Surfaces are expensive to repair and the model used by the district is no longer well-supported by Microsoft.