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CHS students earn science fair honors

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The top high school projects at the Northeastern Minnesota and American Indian Regional Science and Engineering fair were selected to attend International Sustainable Environment, Engineering and Energy Project Olympiad and the Genius Olympiad.

Cloquet High School sophomore Claire Taubman and her project, "Daphnia magna ingestion of microplastics (avoidance vs. consumption)," as well as juniors Morgan Smith and Jordin Weisz and their research project, "The effect of ibuprofen contaminated sediment on benthic community diversity and survival, reproduction, and avoidance of contaminated sediment in Boundary Waters sediment and Lake Superior water," were selected to attend the International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, & Environment) Project Olympiad (ISWEEEP) in Houston, Texas.

Taubman was awarded a silver medal grand award (top 10 percent of projects). Smith and Weisz received honorable mention awards.

Students attending ISWEEEP were mentored by Cynthia Welsh, CHS science research teacher.

Selected to attend the International Environmental Genius Olympiad Oswego, New York, in June were CHS freshman Abigail Smith, and her project, "Measuring the sound absorption, reflection coefficient, and acoustic impedance of different materials in a high school auditorium, using a designed and constructed testing apparatus, in order to create a theoretical sound level modeling application," as well as Cassandra Neumann and Gabby Laubach and their project, "Busting Bad Buckthorn Phase Three: The effect of a buckthorn puller treatment method (hand pulling and chemically treated) on the diameter of the plant that can be pulled and the effect of growth over time."

Taubman, for her research on microparticles, and Katelyn France, Hinckley junior, were awarded one of the top Silver Medal Awards (top 10 percent).

Cassandra Neumann, Cassandra Laubach, Levi Peterson and Jacob Schmidt received the honorable mention award.

Students attending the Genius Olympiad were mentored by Welsh and William Bauer, CHS science and technology instructors. These students were given special assistance from Joel Hoffman, Dave Mount and Michelle Glutch (EPA Lab Duluth), along with Jennifer Liang, UMD biology professor.