Thank you to everyone who attended the Nov. 30 dinner and dialogue about the future of the Carlton School District. We are proud to share that we had 127 parents, students, staff and members of the community come together to discuss our facilities goals and ways for our district to move forward. We cannot emphasize enough that your voice and input is an integral part of determining the best way to continue improving our schools.

At our gathering, we received feedback from the community about:

  • The status of the existing school facilities and how to improve them;

  • Challenges that the Carlton School District faces;

  • Positive feedback about the efforts of the school district; and

  • What classes all or most students should take to be successful after they graduate from Carlton Schools.

Our school board will host a public meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 4, at 7 p.m. in the high school small gym, to not only share with you the results of our first community engagement meeting, but also the results of ou7r demographics, educational adequacy and facilities assessments. Again, we want to develop a facilities plan that is community driven. It is your input from our meetings as well as the results from our assessments that will allow us to shape facilities options to move our district forward.

We will hold more public dinner and dialogues with the community over the next few months. We hope that you will continue to attend, and hope that you will also tell friends and family as everyone is welcomed! We will inform the community as soon as the date for the next event has been set.

Thank you again, and I hope to see you Jan. 4.