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Cloquet Middle School announces Students of the Month

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Name: Madison Korienek

School: Cloquet Middle School

Grade: 8

Parents: Shelly Ruuska and John Korienek

Who nominated this student and why:  Deb Fisher, English teacher

Madison always strives to do her very best. She is an exemplary student in every way. She listens attentively and asks questions if she needs further instruction. Madison follows through with not only getting her work done in a timely fashion but also doing her absolute best — always. (She has not had a late or missing assignment all year!) She volunteers and participates in class frequently, and that includes sharing some of her own writing (something many her age have difficulty doing). She's always very polite and personable and is a joy to have in class. Students like Madison make my job even more enjoyable than it already is!

Name: Jaden Anderson

School: Cloquet Middle School

Grade: 6

Parents: Abbie and Russell Anderson, and Warren Dominick

Who nominated this student and why:  Clay Foxx, SLD teacher

Jaden is a very respectful, hard-working student. She is always willing to help her classmates and teachers. She is the always the first to volunteer, no matter what the task. Jaden works hard and displays a positive attitude even when she is presented with difficult challenges. When I see Jaden in the hall she is always smiling and has a friendly greeting. She sets a good example for her classmates to follow.