Do we value garbage more than education?

I believe that a good decision in regards to the Dec. 8 Bonding Referendum Vote for ISD#2142 will be an informed one. To that end, I present the following information.

I believe that a good decision in regards to the Dec. 8 Bonding Referendum Vote for ISD#2142 will be an informed one. To that end, I present the following information.

I have spoken with Jeff Seeley, financial advisor for District #2142, and asked him to generate some tax spreadsheets for different areas of District #2142 while speaking with him at a public information community meeting.

These spreadsheets give a Detailed Estimate of Taxes Payable in 2010, with and without Proposed Bond Issue, for Residential Homestead Property. These spreadsheets are available at the following posting on the Vote Yes Web site: District #2142 Tax Impact Spreadsheets - .

They show exactly what the tax impact will be for these particular examples - $75,000, $100,000 and $250,000 market value.

I found this very interesting as the figures are lower than what the district lists as the maximum value on its long range plan tax impact sheet. This is because of the tax credits involved when the county figures out our taxes. They are detailed examples and you will find out that your taxes are likely to be lower than the scenario listed on the long range plan tax impact sheet from the district. Again, compare this to what your tax assessment will be in a neighboring district should the referendum not pass. Even after a passing, the taxation will still be in the bottom quarter of all districts in the area.


If you would like an estimate for your particular property, please have your real estate tax statement ready and call or e-mail Seeley: Jeff Seeley, financial advisor, ,; 3060 Centre Pointe Drive, Roseville, MN 55113-1122; direct 651-697-8585 or toll free 1-800-552-1171; fax 651-697-8555.

He can prepare an actual statement for your property value and let you know what your taxes will be. He is very helpful and is a great information resource for us all.

With the recently updated long range tax sheet, I notice another thing as should we all. Our 2142 area currently pays $55 per $100,000 home. Look at this closely, we are at the bottom. This also tells me that on a monthly basis we pay about $4.58 per month for education in our area. Many of us budget on a monthly basis so it is listed that way. Here is something that was pointed out to me recently that made me take note of this, this person told me to take a look at my monthly garbage bill. I said "OK" and then "Oh!" In Babbitt, I believe the amount is $40 every three months, it may be a little more now but that is from recent memory and close enough for our illustration. Divide this by 3 and you get $13.33 per month spent on garbage. For me what comes to mind is this: 1) How did we get to this point that we value our garbage more than our children's education in this area? No wonder 4-1/2 schools are having to be consolidated. 2) Are some of us being fair to our school district when these people say that it is just more money down the drain? Currently, we give our school district from 9 to 40 percent of what our neighbors get to run their schools. We are giving them next to nothing now to run it now, do you expect a miracle to happen in regards to education? There are no magic wands around here. Our educational programs and learning materials are limited, very outdated and worn now because of this. If we want to retain student numbers we need to have relevant course offerings and materials to learn with. This isn't a case of whether the chicken or egg came first, if we have a solid course offering students will flock to our schools but we do need to fund that for it to occur and market it accordingly. 3) Are we (tax wise) as a whole currently fulfilling our social responsibilities to our area, communities and the education of our children?

I believe that most everyone would be hard pressed to say this is the case currently.

Another posting on the Yes Web site details information on the approach that ISD #2142 is taking towards education. I have heard a fair number of comments on this aspect of the referendum. Please read the district information for how it plans to address education. Here is the direct link: .

As you can see, changes will be occurring in the district. If the referendum passes, we will have enough money to provide a good education for our children and grandchildren. It isn't the case now. For those of you who believe in education, make sure you make it to the polling location in your area, it is critical. This is a critical time for education and our 2142 area; failure is a really poor option at this point as there are so many negatives that I have seen to failure.

You can be a leader in your community and our area because in your heart you know what the right thing to do is. Vote yes this Dec. 8 in support of the 2142 bond referendum and for the future of our kids, their education and our future.

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