District passes on land for sale near Churchill

The Cloquet School District will not purchase parcel

The Cloquet School Board decided with a vote that they are not interested in purchasing the 5,000-square-foot parcel of land that's for sale across the street from Churchill Elementary.

On Monday, Aug. 26, Superintendent Michael Cary told the board that the land owner's initial asking price is $15,000. The property was appraised at about $17,000.

Prior to Monday night's vote, board member Nate Sandman said that even if the offer was lowered he wouldn't be swayed.

"I think there are other pieces out there that could benefit the school a little bit more than something across the street," Sandman said.

The board voted to have Superintendent Michael Cary look into possible uses of the land at the June 24 board meeting. Uses could have included a small parking lot of seven to eight spaces or a storage building that wouldn't be big enough to fit vehicles.


Then at the August 12 board meeting, Cary was directed to approach the owner about the price of the land.

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